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World University Championships

World University Championships are top-level sporting events.
Every two years, the Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU) organizes world university championships. Only those athletes who meet the nomination criteria set by the german university sports association can be nominated for world university championships. In principle, the german university sports association exclusively promotes those sports in which, through co-operation with the national sporting associations, future junior athletes can be oriented towards competitions such as world championships and olympic games. The nomination guidelines are therefore designed in such a way that only active members of the german national squads in their respective sports can take part at world university championships, which have the prospect of a final place in the competition.
However, the success of student world championships can not only be measured by mere figures. The aim of the german university sports association is to make an important contribution to the training of highly talented student athletes on their way to the national and international top level.