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Step 2: Booking of your desired courses

The procedure of booking your desired sport course is analogue to the procedure of booking the sportscard. Exemplarily it is explained at the booking of a Krav Maga course.

2.1 Therefore you have to click in the main navigation on sports program and choose the letter "K". Afterwards you move forward to "Krav Maga".

2.2 Below the information of the Krav Maga courses, you will find the booking table. By clicking on the green button "booking" ("buchen") you will start your registration for the relevant course.

2.3 The form of inserting your personal data appears. All fields marked with "*" are mandatory. If you subscribe your mobile number, you will be informed about short term changes by SMS

2.4 Afterwards you have to fill in your bank details, the payment will be done some days later by debit advice procedure. For courses which are free of charge, this point is not applicable.

2.5 By ticking the checkmark in the box, you agree to our terms of participation. After clicking on the button "Go to booking" ("Weiter zur Buchung") you can finally check your data before you complete your registration.

2.6 By clicking on "Binding booking" ("Verbindliche Buchung") your registration is completed and your data is transferred to the university sports office.

2.7 The ticket for your course appears on your screen (in this case exemplarily for the Krav Maga course). The printed ticket is your eligibility for the course, and you have to carry it along in combination with your student ID to every lesson of the course.

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