Top-class sport

With the project "Partner university of top-class sport", University Sport Bochum promotes those athletes from predominantly Olympic sports who belong to a federal squad in their sport. Student squad athletes receive additional benefits and special support measures which help to reconcile studies and top-class sport.

Since 2003, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum has been a "Partner university of top-class sports". This means that the RUB, together with its cooperation partners, has committed itself to offering various support services for studying athletes in order to make the dual career of top-class sport and studies possible.

Partner university of top-class sports

The University Sports Department is responsible for the implementation of the support services and assumes the coordination function within the RUB. The following sponsorship services are available to studying top sportsmen and women on request:

  • Granting of vacation semesters related to top-level sport
  • Making study planning more flexible
  • Flexibilisation of attendance times
  • Individually coordinated submission and examination dates
  • Individual planning of internships and excursions
  • Free use of university sports facilities such as the Unifit fitness studio
  • Provision of dormitory places
  • Possibility of applying for a scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

Top-class athletes at the RUB

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Universiade and World University Championships (WUC)

World University Championships (WUC) and Universiades are top international sporting events. Every year, the International University Sports Federation (FISU) alternately organizes World University Championships or Universiades.

The nomination criteria for participation are determined by the German University Sports Association (adh) in cooperation with the respective national professional association. Student top athletes can gain international competition experience at these events and are thus prepared for future participation in European and World Championships and Olympic Games.

Our Hall of Fame

2019 - Summer Universade in Naples(Italy)

Lisa Höpink at the 2019 Summer Universiade

All achievements

  • Silver medal – Swimming 100m freestyle women (Lisa Höpink)
  • Bronze medal - Swimming 100m Butterfly Women (Lisa Höpink)

2018 - World University Championships

Caroline Arft at the 2018 WUC Canoe-Sprint

All achievements

  • Silver medal - Canoe K4 500m women (Caroline Arft)

2017 - Summer Universade in Taipeh (Taiwan)

Falk Wendrich at the Summer Universiade 2017

All achievements

  • Gold medal - Track and field high jump men (Falk Wendrich)

2017 - Winter Universade in Almaty (Kasachstan)

Shari Koch at the Winter Universiade 2017

All achievements

  • Bronze medal - Figure Skating Ice Dance (Shari Koch)

2016 - Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brasilien)

Carina Bär and Lauritz Schoof at the 2016 Olympic Games

All achievements

  • Gold medal - Rowing double fours women (W4x)
    (Carina Bär)
  • Gold medal - Rowing double fours men (M4x)
    (Lauritz Schoof)
  • Silver medal - Rowing eights men (M8+)
    (Malte Jakschik, Maximilian Reinelt, Martin Sauer)

2016 - World University Championships

Constanze Duell und Charlotte Reinhardt at the 2016 World University Championships Rowing

All achievements

  • Gold medal- Rowing coxless fours women (W4-) (Constanze Duell, Charlotte Reinhardt)
  • Silver medal - Canoe K4 200m women (Caroline Arft)
  • Silver medal- Canoe K4 500m women (Caroline Arft)

2016 - Summer Universade in Gwangju (Südkorea)

Gold bei der Universiade 2015 in Gwangju (Südkorea): Rudern Vierer ohne Steuermann (M4-) (Jakob Schneider)

Alle Erfolge

  • Gold medal - Rowing coxless fours men (M4-) (Jakob Schneider)

Competitive and top-class sport

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