Johanna Orth

Sport: Unifit Training

At University Sports since:
SoSe 2020

What fascinates me about my sport is...

... the possibility to expand the limits of his body more and more and to strengthen his self-confidence and mental health (stress reduction!) and incidentally to improve and maintain physical health.

What fascinates me about University Sports is...

... the  diverse range of courses, the low costs involved and also the opportunity to get to know students and staff from other degree programs/areas and thus develop friendships that would otherwise never have been formed.

When I'm not practicing my sport...

... I like reading (both technical literature and novels), being outdoors (hiking, walking, cycling...), dancing, and spending time with my friends.

My motto is:

It`s going to be hard but hard doesn`t mean impossible.

Foto ©HSP/Pieper
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