Michael Pawlowski

Sport: Fit Mix

At University Sports since:
SuSe 2010

What fascinates me about my sport is...

The combination of working out and having fun, doing something useful for yourself and meeting nice people, being able to increase your personal fitness at any level without pressure (everyone as they can and want to) and maybe even taking something home with them for their own sporting activities.

What fascinates me about University Sports is...

The incredible variety of offers, the combination of doing sports, having fun and meeting people in a relaxed atmosphere.

When I'm not practicing my sport...

I work as a parcel deliveryman (DHL), I am with my family (including full sweeper daughter, now heavily pubescent), I devote myself to my interests (eg music, nature, sports, etc.), and from the exhausting part of life I like to relax in the sauna.

My motto is:

 keep movin!.........and perhaps (not entirely seriously) as the motto of the course: sweating is when muscles cry!

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