Richard Schwering

Sport: Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

At University Sports since:
SuSe 2010

What fascinates me about my sport is...

...the versatility. Bujinkan embodies the essence of the ancient budo arts of Japan. Since Bujinkan Budo has never been made into a sport and subjected to a competition order or other rules, it has been able to develop freely over a long period of time. Here you have the opportunity to learn that authentic Budo, as it was used in medieval Japan on the battlefields of the feudal lords, expanded by the latest findings of modern martial arts.

What fascinates me about University Sports is...

...the possibility to pass on my knowledge to people of my generation and to offer them the possibility to discover at least one fascinating hobby or more for themselves. To open up new possibilities of movement and limits of body mechanics with them in a playful way, in order to gradually experience a new body feeling, is simply fun for me.

When I'm not practicing my sport... accompanies me on my way of life. Bujinkan Budo or Ninjutsu is to be understood as a holistic art of living. A higher goal of Ninjutsu is to become the master of one's own life. This means, on the one hand, to survive and, on the other hand, to lead a good life, in the sense of a life worth living. Bujinkan training does not end when one leaves the dojo. It is not only defined by its physical and weapon techniques. First and foremost, it also aims at an inner development, which should train the character and the heart. To attain Fudoshin, the unshakable heart, is another goal of Ninjutsu. To walk confidently through life and to face even the most difficult tasks with the heart and mind of a peaceful warrior, that is Bujinkan. A well-known ninja tenet is "Be as open as a flower and as straight as a bamboo!"

My motto is:

"Less concerned, about fitting into the world. Your world that is!"

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