Richard Schwering

Sport: Ninjutsu

At University Sports since:
summer semester 10

What fascinates me about my sport is...

... Bujinkan embodies the essence of the ancient budo arts of Japan. Since our martial art was never made into a sport and subjected to a competition order or other rules, it could develop freely over several hundred years.
On the one hand, you have the opportunity to learn the authentic martial art that was used to decide wars on the battlefields of the shoguns and Japanese emperors. On the other hand, by constantly adapting the techniques to the needs of each era, Bujinkan has been kept alive over the years and expanded with the insights of modern martial arts.
Thus it offers the possibility to learn a traditional martial art, which is also practicable in modern threat situations.

What fascinates me about University Sports is...

... at the Hochschulsport Bochum, users have access to an almost unbelievable range of sports at relatively favorable conditions. When I started at the Hochschulsport in 2010, there were a feeling of 10 sports to choose from. At that time, university sports were still free of charge, at least for students, but in the meantime you can say that there is hardly a sport that you can't find at Bochum University Sports.

When I'm not practicing my sport...

... I try to lead a good, stress-free life and to face my fellow men, new developments and changes openly and without fear.
"Open like a flower and straight like the bamboo!" Is the meaning of a Japanese proverb.

My motto is:

"Never regret what once made you smile."

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