Sebastian Karpinski

Sport: Rowing

At University Sports since:
SuSe 18

What fascinates me about my sport is...

... the demands on strength and endurance, as well as precision and technique, and to be able to call them up together, both as an individual athlete and as a team. ... the versatility and the possibility to practice them independently of any competition thoughts and to experience it in the environment of nature.

What fascinates me about University Sports is...

... the possibility to try different sports and to meet new people.

When I'm not practicing my sport...

... I love to be out in nature, be it in the mountains for hiking and skiing, at the sea for windsurfing, on the road for motorcycling or just relaxing at home.

My motto is:

What you can do today, do not / always postpone until tomorrow. (depending on the day)

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